Design troubles

I must admit I don’t like infographics. I feel genuinely jealous when people look at a picture and find it more revealing and comprehensive than text, because I never do. I even thought I might need a special tutorial on how to read infographics. I’ve seen quite a number of online instructions about how to read newspapers or how to make yourself read a text on the Internet. I’ve got no problem with it. And having been rather far from design issues until recently, I didn’t bother about ‘reading’ pictures at all. But now, it’s another story, as I’m trying to study data journalism. And data journalism, among all, presupposes visualisation. Not necessarily of course, but still I must learn some basics. Besides, I must learn how to ‘read’ others’ work. In order to do so, I need at least to try using some design elements for expressing or illustrating my ideas from time to time. And not only when it comes to data visualisation as such.

Thankfully, there are people who are willing to share their knowledge. So, when I saw this post by Denise Cheek I took it as a challenge. She actually posted her awesome Creative Process Cheat Sheet and asked her audience what their creative process looks like. Although the easiest way for me would be to simply describe the process word by word, I decided to make it in a kind of a similar cheat sheet format, whatever awkward the result might be. Which I actually did (see below). Not that I really enjoyed the process or the result, but at least I tried. Denise, thanks for providing me with a task.

Now, if someone has ever faced similar problems, please share your methods to deal with them. If, on the contrary, you like infographics, it would be great to hear how exactly you read it.