My name is Anna Sakoyan, I’m from Moscow, Russia.

I currently work as an analyst and a data journalist (well, sometimes also simply as a journalist).

This blog was initially created as part of my effort to build my personal p2p-learning network. Back then, I was trying to educate myself in the area of coding and data analysis and to this end I was exploring all open educational resources I could reach. The idea of blogging about my learning process first came to me when I saw the Webcraft 101 challenge at P2PU. It encouraged participants to get a blog and exchange helpful stuff, which some of them actually did. At least for a while.

Later, however, I got more involved into MOOCs provided by platforms such as Coursera. It doesn’t mean I got disappointed in the peer-learning model. It just means that to me p2p-learning worked best at an early stage.

It happend so that, apart from the account of my self-learning experiment and sharing helpful stuff with those who might need it, I also wrote a bit about my work. As a result, it turned out to be a mixed account of my projects and learning activities.

As I finally started applying my skills to real work, I think it’s time for me to ‘graduate’ from this self made university. I’ll probably get a new blog soon.

Last, but not least: I’m extremely grateful to all those who supported me and helped me to learn.


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