It’s not easy being me

Just to complain a bit. But also probably somebody will be able to make more use of it than me.

By the end of summer I had a perfectly minimalistic learning plan for the autumn: R and Statistics. Isn’t it sweet? Just that and nothing else at least till December. Well, and a tiny bit of Python (Codecademy) at the background.

And here are some of the courses that turned up out of the blue right as soon as I started implementing my Perfect Plan.

  • Learning from Data at edX, began on September, 30
  • Social Network Analysis at Coursera, begins on October, 7
  • An iteration of Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python at Coursera. A course I failed to finish last spring because I got enrolled in School of Data Mission. Begins on October, 7
  • The Future of Storytelling at some Iversity (a new US MOOC platform, as far as I understand). Not sure it’s worth watching, but might be worth having a look at. Begins on October, 25 UPD. Has begun. No, definitely not worth wasting time on. I don’t mean the course is bad – I don’t know. But not what I think I need now.
  • Data Analysis at Coursera, begins on October, 28

Not to mention the upcoming (not sure when exactly, but this autumn) new iteration of School of Data MOOC (Data Explorer Mission).

Feel like Horrid Henry.

Horrid Henry

UPD. A new iteration of Python Mechanical MOOC is starting on October 21. Bingo!


5 thoughts on “It’s not easy being me

  1. Anna, your hands are trully full! How do you manage to do all this? I know though, that I can testify to your unrelenting spirit in accomplishing what you start. All the best and enjoy. It looks like we are classmates in the computing for data analysis(R) class. Yes?

    • Ketty, actually, the best thing I can do for now is to make a list of all this stuff and later check whether there are any archives left. Because of course I can’t manage to learn it all at a time. If I try to, I know, it’ll result in learning nothing at all (and I also have to work).
      Wow, you’re doing Computing for Data Analysis too? But that’s totally cool! I’m so glad to have you as a classmate again!

  2. Hi Anna and Kitty, I’m happy to see that the two of you are still in contact. Yes you are right about the unrelenting spirit in getting things done, that’s for sure. This is to wish you a happy XXXXXX (whatever you call this period or do) and knowing that 2014 will be a greater year. It can’t be otherwise.

    Anna I’ve not dropped any of our projects that we’ve discussed and I’m doing my bit as I can to make progress. The only way to cf. the transformation in the Russian health system and South African transformation, where both systems are at and what the ‘challenges’ (problems) and successes are.

    I have found a couple of information sources to add the compiled list but that is about ready to go ahead. You will have to decide which format it takes as a series if on. Ketty could write one too? I don’t see her as someone who frequent colonial tea parties or compare what she has with her neighbours possessions…… if you get the drift?. So the information sources will not be too mainstream?

    Enjoy and Anna I have more or less dealt with that that really kept me busy and will click in soon again.


    • Hi Jakes, it’s great to hear from you and to see you here too. Thanks and happy whatever you are going to celebrate in the near future. Also, I’m extremely glad to know that you haven’t dropped our projects, but what makes me even happier is that you are fine enough to stay in touch.
      As to the list of information sources, yes, that would be great if Ketty agreed to participate. We haven’t discussed it with her yet, but I will tell her about the project as soon as possible. And I think I’ve got an idea about a possible format. But I think it will be best if we discuss it via the email (hopefully together with Ketty). It might be a good idea to write a post about this project in this blog. Maybe someone else would want to join too, at least I’d love to know the vision of the people whom I got to know via this blog. By the way, your list has helped me immensely, so thanks again for it.
      I wish you all the best Jakes and I hope we’ll keep working on our projects.

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