Python MOOC – Week 1 UPD

I know by experience that ‘next week’ is always full of unpredictable work, sudden meetings and other distracting stuff, so I decided to do my best at the weekend to play with Python. Kudos to Codecademy, once again. The first week’s homework was really easy (but good for revision), while only a month ago I’d feel totally frightened by it.

Just tried out OpenStudy. I was absolutely resolved to be using IDLE for the rest of my life the course, but one peer there endorsed another IDE (Interpreted Development Environment) called PyScripter. So I went and checked it out. Not that at my level it made a huge difference, but I like it that PyScripter has a compact layout that works in one window instead of two, unlike IDLE that has separate shell and text editor.


2013-06-23 19_19_51-PyScripter - module1_




2013-06-23 19_21_19-Python Shell


I think I’ll try using both and see which is best for me.

Also we had an illustrative task in natural language processing (exercise 1.11). We were given a sentence Alice saw the boy on the hill with the telescope. And we had to sketch the two possible interpretations of this sentence. Drawing in MS Paint with a mouse – what a pleasure!

Exercise 1

4 thoughts on “Python MOOC – Week 1 UPD

    • Thanks for the feedback HB and I’m glad to see you again. Actually, I wonder what profession is supposed to be behind what you call professional look (if it is p2p-learner, it’s great, but then again your blog is really cool in this and many other respects). Anyway, I hope you’ll find something helpful here one day.

  1. Hi Anna, very awesome blog and i love the fact that you are jumping right into python. I decided to focus on html/css and then javascript first while I still debate which server side language to tackle.
    I just signed up for the p2p challenge today and it’s just what I was looking for–help and encouragement from others who are learning to code.
    Anyway, thanks for the comment on my site and hope we can help each other out with the learning process.

    • Hi Christina, thanks for visiting my blog and for the feedback. I’ll certainly have to learn a bit of HTML too, so I think your blog will be a great reference here. And I’m also planning to later learn a bit of JavaScript. I’m always willing to learn and to help if I can and I’m sure that the P2P model provides a really healthy and encouraging environment.

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