Python: An Upcoming Mechanical MOOC


I’ve just had an astonishing experience. I was kind of looking for a pic for this post and I decided to be trivial and to simply use Python logo. It can’t be a problem to find it online, can it? Just type “python” in Google, switch to images and here you are. Oh wait. There are also snakes called pythons…

*Okay face*

I had totally forgotten about their existence.

I won’t post those pythons here, because I know some people are afraid of snakes and detest the way they look. Although I’d love to actually.

Now, what I was actually going to say is that a cool Python mechanical MOOC is just about to start. I’ve already subscribed. It’s beginning in June and, judging by the archive of its previous round, it lasts 8 weeks. What is special about this course, is that there are no instructors there whatsoever. But there are peers with whom you can discuss the learning problems, tasks and what not. And well, there’s also a great Q&A Forum at Codecademy. And many other forums and communities online.

By the way, the link to this MOOC was kindly sent to me by my awesome Data Expedition teammate. That’s what I call a p2p community.

7 thoughts on “Python: An Upcoming Mechanical MOOC

  1. My group of Mechanical MOOC had a series of lectures from a professor at MIT as part of the learning materials. It was better for me than a typical lecture, though. I (legally – OER) downloaded the lectures to my own computer and used the excellent VLC video program to watch the lecture in segments so I could explore the concepts as I checked the text materials and took notes, more thoughtfully than usual.
    I found this course sequence helpful…though it could change since the course is being developed as students provide feedback.

    Hope you enjoy the MOOC.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m interested in learning more about programming (and specifically about Python) in peer groups. I took a MOOC in Python on Coursera called “Learn to Program: The fundamentals” by Jennifer Campbell and Paul Gries of the University of Toronto.

    • Glad you found it interesting. Yes, I know this MOOC, but I only came across it when it was over, so I keep it in mind as an archive, because you can still use the materials, but as there are some new courses around, I decided to try them first. There’s also An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python by Joe Warren, John Greiner, Stephen Wong, Scott Rixner (Rice University), but I couldn’t finish it, because there was a more urgent real-time p2p Data Expedition. So an archive again. This time I hope I’ll be able to afford to focus on this course.
      And I’m also glad to see your own blogging engine is alive again!

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