Building a network

Social media are great, because they are omnipresent, fast, easy to handle, good for getting in touch with people, monitoring news and accumulating multiple sources of information. But I genuinely love blogs, exactly because they are slower and more fundamental. And I’m sure they’ve got a huge p2p collaboration and networking potential (alongside with other tools of course – e.g. Wiki or Google Docs). That’s why I liked the Webcraft 101 idea to create such a p2p blogging community. It can be built from scratch of course and this process can be facilitated by searching for people through specialised places like P2PU or even Getstudyroom. But I thought it could also be a good thing for staying in touch and collaboration with already existing peers.

Now, this is exactly my case. For more than a month know, I’ve been learning and working in a team within a Data Expedition. And it happened so that this teamwork has been actually the best thing in the entire process. School of data is a wonderful project and Data Expeditions are really an awesome idea, but also a very challenging one in terms of implementation. I can’t say everything is perfectly organised – it’s a pilot version after all. But I was lucky to get into a team that actually made up for all the organisational shortcomings. And also for the first time gave me a sense of a p2p learning process.


The Data Expedition is going to be over soon. But it doesn’t mean that the teamwork is going to finish, especially as some team members expressed their willingness to stay in touch and continue our cooperation. So blogging might become an important part of such long-term collaboration process. I hope it will. Anyway, why not try. I’ve already followed one of our team members’ new-born blog, which I will promote as soon asI find out that tis blog’s author doesn’t mind.

Well, that said, I must admit that this week I haven’t learnt as much technical stuff as I’d want to. But instead I’ve learnt quite a bit of new things about building online cooperation communities.

And I’ve also been trying to code every day – that is to spend at least 15 minutes by solving tasks at Codecademy. They say it is kind of important in order to learn something. I do hope it helps! OK, we’ll see. Anyway, it’s fun.

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