Getting good ideas from peers: Handwritten Python

IMAG0417A really nightmarish thing is learning too many subjects at a time. In my case, it normally results in learning nothing and quitting everything. Which is why having made the first step in the Webcraft course (which is creating a blog and finding some very interesting people) I have to overcome the urge to continue with HTML and get back to my unfinished stuff with Python and data.

But as I expected, following the P2PU people is very helpful, because it’s a source of great ideas. For instance, as I guess from several blog posts, one of the upcoming tasks in the course is writing an HTML code by hand in order to better understand the syntax. Well, at my beginner’s level in Python syntax is one of the worst problems. Unless I learn it, it always becomes some guess work (often rather successful, because tasks are still very simple). Not long ago I realized that surprisingly enough the idea of learning new words and phrases by heart in order to remember them seems to me absolutely obvious and normal when it comes to human languages (I’m currently learning Greek for instance), but it feels really infuriating when it comes to machine languages. While there’s actually not so much difference, only the machine languages must be much easier in terms of vocabulary and syntax.

Now, I really liked the idea of writing a code by hand in order to remember the syntax and I decided to try it with Python. To that end, I used a short simple code from a Codecademy task that I’ve already successfully done. It’s about dictionaries and lists. Well, I tried to reproduce a similar syntactically correct code on paper. It took me 4 attempts to complete it without any mistakes (I hope)! But now I feel a bit more comfortable with it.

Thanks for sharing good ideas, peers.

UPD: Oops. Just noticed one mistake. It should have been “list1” or something like that… not just “list”…

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