Brave New World

I created this blog for participating in the Webcraft 101 project and also in order to get a closer look at how P2PU functions, how its badge system works and what this is all about.

Now, let me introduce myself. I live in Russia and I work as a journalist and translator. I also used to work as a teacher. I’ve been interested in open/free movements since I learnt about their existence several years ago. I also like P2P communities of different kinds and I’m always curious about how they function. Right now, I am trying to learn some basics of data journalism and, broader, about data science, because this area seems to me extremely exciting. Searching for more information about it led me to Coursera (great courses in Statistics, Python and Data Science), Codecademy (I’m currently learning Python) and School of Data / P2PU projects (I’m a happy member of an online Data Expedition). Which means that right now I’ve got a  brave new world huge complicated area of knowledge ahead and, to my surprise, I find it inspiring, rather than frustrating. So I think finding some peers to share my observations and exchange experience would make it even more inspiring and efficient. And I do hope that this great P2PU initiative works out.

I’m also interested in various approaches to e-learning, especially those open massive distant educational projects. As well as open libraries and generally open knowledge.

6 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. I’d say you are on the right track. Developing a working community of peers may be a factor in your eventual goals. Some peers have contacts which they’ll share with you. Others will share their experiences. Still others will just leave comments along the way. 😉

    Let’s hope your experience is rich and your contributions back to the community are a part of your process.

    • Thanks for commenting. Well, I do hope that I’ll be able to contribute back to the community. At least I’m always willing to when I’ve got something to contribute and I realise it needs to be contributed.
      Great project you’ve got. Just

        • Thanks Alex. We’ll see. At least I hope my addiction will be no less productive than yours.
          No, my first language is Russian. Thanks for such a flattering feedback!

  2. Thanks for posting a comment on my entry, right when I wanted to reply, my site went down. Have fun with learning Python, I also did the Codecademy course and a coursera course and I applied it when coding a game (still a WIP) in Blender. By the way, the reason that you couldn’t subscribe is because I built the site myself (doesn’t use WordPress). I’ll at least add an RSS function soon. Good luck and have fun blogging and learning!

    • Thanks for inviting to comment, Kevin. By the way, I forgot to mention in my comment (and later the site was already down) that your ideas regarding mentoring are very inspiring. I saw many people have troubles finding mentors (, so your willingness to help is really precious. Again, I hope your website will recover soon and I’m looking forward to the RSS function. Good luck with your learning too, as well as site building!

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